Review – A Thousand Pieces of You

A Thousand Pieces of You (Firebird No.1) – Claudia Gray

HarperTeen, 2014

The token artist in a family of scientific geniuses, Marguerite is used to letting her parents’ wilder theories wash over her head. That, however, was before her father’s car was sabotaged to crash into a river and his protégé Paul disappeared with a prototype of the Firebird: a revolutionary device that allows the wearer to travel between dimensions. Marguerite is desperate for answers, and revenge. When her father’s other student Theo finds a way for them both to follow Paul between worlds, nothing can hold her back. But the further she travels from home, the more the ties that bind her to both men – and even her own family – shift and change. Across an infinite number of realities, can you really ever know someone?

Gray has an intriguing premise and while she didn’t explore all the avenues I’d have liked – this is primarily a YA romance/ thriller, pretty light on the science fiction side – there is a clever examination of the highly dubious ethics that come along with the Firebird’s invention and the emotional complications were well handled. I wasn’t particularly engaged by Paul or Theo, but Marguerite’s journey kept me interested and the plot moved at a good place. This is the first in the Firebird series, which continues with Ten Thousand Skies Above You.