• Humanity for Beginners


“I’m a great admirer of Faith Mudge’s writing, so rich in folklore and so original. Her contribution to Hear Me Roar is no exception. Blueblood blends elements of two fairy tales, Bluebeard and The Goose Girl, to create a remarkable and triumphant new story in which her characters snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.” – Juliet Marillier

“A retelling of the Twelve Dancing Princesses, Twelfth tells us the tale from the point of view of the youngest of the twelve prince. It’s a tragic tale and a tale of revenge. I loved the way Mudge twisted the tale to suit the angle of her interpretation. There is also an interesting mirroring of the idea of betrayed hospitality that will cost the King dearly in the end. It is also a fantastic origin story for one of folklore’s most enduring monsters.” – Mieneke, Goodreads

Signature by Faith Mudge reminded me of all the reasons I love urban fantasy! I just adored the way this bookshop drew people together! I love the twist on Rumpelstiltskin in this story, it was just so enjoyable to read.” – Ju, Transcendancing

“I loved this story [Signature]! It was clever and lovely and funny. Bookshops, supernatural contracts and an especially diverse cast.” – Tsana Dolichva, Goodreads

“Signature was catnip to me. Centred on a bookstore with the awesome name Nightingale and Priest, this story was a great variation on the Rumpelstiltskin tale. Its protagonist Priya is kickass. I loved the rest of the people at Nightingale and Priest as well, but Priya was something special… I really enjoy Mudge’s writing and Signature was no exception. The way Priya comes into her own in the course of the story was wonderful.” – Mieneke, Goodreads

“Another standout is Faith Mudge’s “Doubt the Sun,” perhaps the most romantic story of the bunch and pretty much everything I could ask for from lesbian transhuman romance…“Doubt the Sun” is one of the best-written, sweetest, and conceptually clearest entries in the anthology, with a remarkably detailed and full-feeling world for a work of limited scope. I loved it. Someone make me a movie.” – Miranda Meyer, After Ellen

“The second story, Oracle’s Tower, by Australian author Faith Mudge, was also a very entertaining read. It is a darker twist on a popular fairytale…I loved how it ended and if Faith was ever inclined to expand this story into a novel than I would definitely read it. ” – Rochelle, Goodreads

“Ending on a strong note, we are left with Elizabeth I, the Queen of England [‘Glorious’]…This one includes one of my favourite lines: ‘Never have I written with more care and made less sense.’ Is there anyone out there who can’t identify with such a truthful sentence, when upset or at wits end?” – Katharine, Ventureadlaxre


  • Ditmar Awards 2012 – short fiction (‘Oracle’s Tower’) – shortlisted

  • Ditmar Awards 2012 – new talent – shortlisted

  • Ditmar Awards 2013 – new talent – shortlisted

  • Ditmar Awards 2015 – short fiction (‘Signature’) – shortlisted

  • Aurealis Awards 2015 – young adult short story – shortlisted

  • Queensland Literary Awards 2015, Young Writers Award (18-25 category) – runner-up (‘January Days’)

  • Aurealis Awards 2016 – best fantasy short story (‘Blueblood’) – shortlisted

  • Aurealis Awards 2016 – best YA short story (‘Blueblood’) – shortlisted

5 thoughts on “Publications

    • Hello, thank you for reaching out to me! I’m delighted that my story made it into a comfort read rec list. Unfortunately the publisher closed down and it’s no longer possible to buy the book. I’ve been trying to decide what to do with it for some time and while I do hope to get it in print again someday, that’s an indefinite goal.

      But the world needs more comfort reads right now and I know how it feels to try and get hold of an out of print book! I’ve been meaning to put more fiction on this blog anyway. If I start posting chapters over the next few days, would you let anyone else who’s interested know that Humanity for Beginners will be free to read here?

      • That would be lovely!

        You should definitely get in touch with Sarah and the others. I’m positive she would mention it on the SB blog. There’s a contact link on the site, or you can reply to the post, and she’ll see it.

      • I just came here for the same reason; i.e. looking for where to find Humanity For Beginners. This is awesomely wonderfully of you. 🙂

      • I am so happy that so many people have come looking for my story! It’s been a lovely surprise. I hope you enjoy reading it.

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