Welcome to the Castle

I am delighted to announce that a podcast reading of my story ‘Blueblood’ (originally published in the anthology Hear Me Roar) went up on the PodCastle website today as part of Aurealis Month. I’m listening to it as I write this – you can listen to it too here! There’s something strange and wonderful about seeing the words you’ve written appear fully formed in the pages of a book, but hearing them read aloud is like experiencing the story brand new. As a storytelling medium, fairy tales are at their best when told aloud, and I am so happy that my retelling is being shared in this way. A huge thank you to PodCastle and to Loulou Szal, who narrated the story for the podcast.

In other exciting news, ‘Doubt the Sun’ (originally published in Daughters of Frankenstein) has been chosen for reprinting in Heiresses of Russ 2016. The anthology contains seventeen stories that are ’emblematic of the new vitality to be found in lesbian-themed tales of wonder, the eerie, and the miraculous’. It’s an honour to have been chosen as a contributor.


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