What is there to say?

The American election results are not something that any of us, no matter how far away we live, can ignore. I am sadder and more cynical than I was a week ago, but I’m going to repeat here what I said on Tumblr:

As an Australian, I do not pretend to understand the American electoral system or the political and social landscape that led voters to make the choices they have made. I watched this election unfold on Tumblr. I watched people go from cautious optimism to shock and terror. I am on the other side of the world and I am afraid, not just because I care about the minorities who are now more at risk than ever, or because the other side of the world is not nearly far enough away for my own country to be unaffected, but because this year humanity as a species has put its ugly side on full display. I’m afraid of what happens next. This is not what the future was meant to look like.

I’m honestly not sure that anything I say is going to be helpful right now, but silence will help less. So here’s all I have to offer: hold on. To each other and to hope. You are anything but alone. Your country is still yours no matter what he says or does. You are going to have chances to wear him down, to loosen his grip, so take them. Make him regret ever running for office.

All of this is going to be history someday. The chapter isn’t written yet, so fight him for the pen.

The future does not belong to him.

And to that I’ll add, keep safe.


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