Review – The Lake House

The Lake House – Kate Morton

Allen&Unwin, 2015

Detective Sadie Sparrow is far from a sentimental woman, certainly not nostalgic. When she goes to stay with her grandfather, troubled by the aftermath of an unsettling case, she intends to return to work as soon as she can. But then she stumbles on Loeanneth, the hidden lake house. Seventy years ago, during a glittering garden party, a baby boy disappeared from his bed and was never seen again. His older sister Alice became the famous A.C. Edevane, the prolific and extremely private crime writer. She is haunted by the night of her brother’s disappearance, guarding a secret that Sadie’s sudden fascination threatens to uncover. Loeanneth may have been abandoned, but the lies of a lifetime are coming home to roost.

The Lake House is an enormous book and it does not give up its twists easily – the plot moves slowly, but it’s written so well that didn’t bother me at all, Morton’s attention to detail conjuring rich imagery for the characters and for the Lake House, which is almost a character in its own right. While the criss-crossing of familial secret-keeping was at times confusing, and the ending was a bit too convenient for my liking, the story was overall very satisfying and a pleasure to sink my teeth into. Morton’s other novels include The Shifting Fog/ The House at Riverton and The Secret Keeper.


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