Review – A Table in the Orchard

A Table in the Orchard: My Delicious Life – Michelle Crawford

Ebury Press, 2015

A lifelong fantasy of moving to the country and living off the land comes true for Michelle Crawford and her family when they trade in Sydney for Tasmania’s Huon Valley. Determined to grow as much of their own food as possible, and even make a profit from it if they can, Michelle sets to work with a will on transforming their farmhouse into the home of her dreams. Such an undertaking will take all the time, money and energy that can be thrown at it…but the way there is worth it.

I expected more a memoir, less of a cookbook. Michelle Crawford goes into a lot of detail about the process of creating her kitchen, garden, orchard and side businesses, but not many day-to-day anecdotes and the word ‘vintage’ was used with startling frequency. However, the photographs generously scattered through the book are delightful, the recipes look delicious, and anyone planning a tree change couldn’t help but be inspired by Crawford’s experiences.


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