Review – Heir of Sea and Fire

Heir of Sea and Fire (Riddle-Master No.2) – Patricia A. McKillip

Ace Books, 1999

Originally published in 1977

Prince Morgon of Hed, a man with a destiny that has roused unrest all over the realm, disappeared a year ago. Tired of waiting for answers, his promised bride Raederle commandeers one of her father’s ships to find out what happened for herself. Together with Morgon’s friend, the warrior heiress Lyra, and his determined sister Tristan, Raederle sails towards Erlenstar Mountain, where Morgon was last seen. But there is an uncanny war brewing in the realm, and wizards walking the world who were last heard of in legend, and Morgon is not the only one with a troubling heritage. In seeking him, Raederle may lose herself.

This book could have been written specifically to make me happy. I mean, three princesses get fed up with waiting around and go to wring some answers out of the world, becoming good friends on the way? SIGN ME UP. The Riddle-Master of Hed was lovely but not satisfying; Heir of Sea and Fire gives the insight into the mysterious Raederle that I wanted very much, with bonus wizardry and wraiths. The trilogy concludes with Harpist in the Wind.


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