The January Illusions

I am a sucker for the new page, be it the blank white sheet of a notebook or the empty squares of a new calendar. You can argue that all beginnings are illusory because calendars are something humanity invented to make time less scary, but isn’t it beautiful, that as a species we gave ourselves so much space to hang hopes on? Of course, you can make resolutions any time, but somehow I find it easier to make good intentions stick with the formality and tradition of New Year. Consider this to be a somewhat unreliable contents page for 2016.

With the conclusion of last year’s Sharazad Project, I am starting something new. A childhood inhaling my local library’s mythology section gave me a half-remembered back catalogue of queens and sorceresses and this year I intend to share their stories in a monthly series called Ladies of Legend. That will kick off this coming Tuesday with Fair Janet, who stole fairy roses and rescued a knight in distress. My second blog project of 2016 will be rewatching and reviewing each of the seven Star Wars films, starting with The Phantom Menace in February. (I saw The Force Awakens a few weeks ago and have SUCH FEELINGS.) I won’t be signing up to this year’s Australian Women Writers Challenge – I have a lot of international authors on my list for 2016, and not enough time for everything – but I’m hoping to read and review at least six, which fits with the Miles level of the Challenge.

As always, if you want to know how to find my published stories, just check the Publications page on this blog. You can look under Extras for free content, such as the Chandler & Musgrave series, or under Fairy Tale Meta for previous blog projects, including Fairy Tale Tuesdays and the Sharazad Project. I’m also on Tumblr, and have the worst attendance rate ever on Goodreads. Feel free to contact me or leave comments, I write what I love and I love to talk about it.

Happy new year, everyone! Let’s see what 2016 is made of.


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