Review – The Shadow Cabinet

The Shadow Cabinet (Shades of London No.3) – Maureen Johnson

Hot Key Books, 2015

The rules have changed. Since she arrived in London, Rory Devereaux has been hunted by homicidal ghosts, infused with a power she doesn’t understand, joined a secret paranormal police force and fallen for a boy who just died to save her. But he’s not exactly gone. If she is ever going to see him again, she has to stay in London – but with the leader of a dangerous cult determined to find her and her own disappearance causing waves among those who love her most, no decision looks like the right one. Wherever she goes from here, she’s off the map.

These are fairly dark books, despite the strong thread of humour running through – I mean, this one opens with a mass murder – and Rory as a character feels increasingly out of her depth. Her bonds with the other characters are getting strained, which is part of what made the introduction of Freddie abrupt and a bit unconvincing to me. I’d have preferred to see more of Boo and Callum, who were not as visible in this installment. The new villains, however, are very promising. The Shades of London series will continue with a fourth novel, but the title and date of publication have not yet been released.


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