Review – The Kingmaker’s Daughter

The Kingmaker’s Daughter (The Cousins War No.4) – Philippa Gregory

Simon & Schuster, 2013

Originally published in 2012

It is 1465 and while the crown may rest upon the handsome head of young King Edward, everyone knows the real power behind the throne is the Earl of Warwick. When Edward defies his plans by marrying for love, Warwick must look elsewhere for the fulfillment of his ambition. He plans marriages for his two daughters, Isabel and Anne, promising each girl greatness. Only one, however, can be Queen of England. And the way to the throne demands its toll in blood.

I found my copy in the gorgeous bookshop Archives while poking around some of Brisbane’s oldest buildings, and enthused passionately about women of the Cousins War to the very patient shop assistant. Gregory has created something extraordinary with this series – the same events have been covered three times over by now but with each protagonist’s different perception they become brand new, the heroine of one story becoming the villain of another. Anne Neville is introduced as a little girl and Gregory nails the complexity of emotion, particularly between the competitive sisters as they grow up. The Cousins War continues with The White Princess.


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