Review – Unmade

Unmade (The Lynburn Legacy No.3) – Sarah Rees Brennan

Random House, 2014

The Lynburn family have always been masters in Sorry-in-the-Vale. Now the town is being torn apart between those who follow Rob Lynburn – those who would rule by blood and sorcery – and those who refuse to be ruled. Kami Glass has led the rebellion, but her choices are dwindling fast. The boy she loves has disappeared into the hands of sorcerers; her mother bows to their rule and her friends all live under their shadow. Without magic, Kami will lose this war. But there is always a price for power.

This is the conclusion of the Lynburn Legacy, Sarah Rees Brennan’s second trilogy. Despite her trademark snark and banter, it’s quite a bleak book. While I felt her handling of some parts was too heavy-handed – her characters tend to alternate between varying types of sarcasm and almost painful sincerity, without enough middle ground – there is a strong heart to the story and gorgeous imagery throughout, which is fitting, because the town and the woods are really more like characters in their own rights than just settings. Rees Brennan’s next novel is an urban fantasy called Tell the Wind and Fire and is set for release in April next year.


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