In Which I Do Not Talk About Shoes, Or Ships, Or Sealing-Wax

Or cabbages and kings, though Queen Elizabeth I does briefly come up. I wonder who does talk about sealing-wax? Actually, what is sealing-wax, and how have I been quoting Lewis Carroll for years without asking myself that question?

The POINT is, in honour of the release of FableCroft’s collection Focus 2014: highlights of Australian short fiction, Queensland author Angela Slatter is running a series of posts about the authors involved. So far she has shared interviews with Tansy Rayner Roberts, Dirk Flinthart, Alan Baxter and me! If you want to hear my thoughts on ‘Signature’, know which five writers I can’t bear not to have on my shelves and understand what possessed me to start writing in the first place, you can take a look here.

As part of the release, last year’s Focus has been reduced to US$2.99 on all platforms, to match the current price of Focus 2014, and Focus 2012 is actually available for free. For a very short time! Details are available on the FableCroft website.


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