Review – Lost Lake

Lost Lake – Sarah Addison Allen

Center Point Large Print, 2014

In the sleepy backwater of Suley, change has arrived and is not welcome. Unable to keep her beloved cabin resort open any longer, Eby Pim has finally agreed to sell the land at Lost Lake, but it’s not going to be easy. A trio of loyal guests descend for one final summer, confronting loose ends that have been left to trail for far too long. Meanwhile, Eby’s recently widowed great-niece Kate plunges into an impulsive road trip with her daughter Devin and returns to the last place she truly felt herself: Lost Lake, where she once made a friend and believed in the impossible. But is believing really enough to change an ending?

This is the latest of Sarah Addison Allen’s magic realism books set in the American south, where strange things just happen and explanations are thin on the ground. As with all her other books, it is sweet, sleepy and charming with a streak of quiet darkness. I wasn’t satisfied with where Wes’s story went, but most of the other characters were the kind of messed up loveable that Addison Allen does very well. Her other books include Garden Spells and The Girl Who Chased the Moon.


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