All the May news

chewbiccasMay the Fourth be with you! Because I’m really that cheesy, I celebrated Star Wars Day with Chewbiccas. It is something akin to autumn in Queensland right now, which mostly means chilly mornings and warm days and never knowing quite what to wear, but it’s bringing out my baking instincts.

I’m doing an author talk at Beenleigh Library on the 23rd of this month – you can check out the details here – discussing fairy tales, fiction writing and publishing with small press. Obviously if anyone wants to bring along any of my work, I’m more than happy to sign it! Speaking of which, FableCroft is running a Mother’s Day special offer up until the 10th, including a limited run of Cranky Ladies hardcovers. As someone who owns one, I can confirm they are gorgeous, and that mothers like them. Well, mine did! She is admittedly biased. Also, the Lethe Press anthology Daughters of Frankenstein, which was due to be published in June, has been pushed back to early August. I’ll post more information about that when I get it.


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