Review – The Killing Dance

The Killing Dance (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter No.6) – Laurell K. Hamilton

Orbit, 2007

First published in 1997

Anita Blake is used to death. It’s a given when your job is raising zombies. Dating an alpha werewolf and a master vampire at the same time, friends with a hitman and the owner of a deserved reputation for bloody victories, Anita does not expect a quiet life any more, but it’s hard not take it personally when someone hires an assassin to bring her down. Putting her life on the line for the monsters has put her in the firing line yet again – now it’s time for the monsters to return the favour.

If you have not read any of the previous Anita Blake books, be aware there are spoilers for them in this review.

I genuinely like Anita. She’s intensely capable with an iron-clad sense of independence and razor-sharp gallows humour, and I adored every scene she shared with Edward. Her romantic interests, however, tested my patience too far. Richard gets a little more personality in this book  but I don’t like really anything about him, and I’ve loathed Jean-Claude since the first moment he appeared on the page. Both repeatedly seek to dominate Anita, and even though they don’t succeed, her relationships with them are anything but healthy. It says a lot when the hitman nicknamed Death for his ruthless efficiency takes better care of her emotional and physical wellbeing than the men who supposedly love her. For this reason, I probably won’t be continuing with this series any longer.


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