aww-badge-2015-200x300I like New Year’s resolutions. I like feeling there’s a plan in place, even if I veer wildly from it and start writing about spaceships when I should be focusing on sorcery. As I’m starting the year a little wrong-footed after a badly timed cold and too much computer drama, getting things done feels particularly important.

If this year goes according to plan, I will be very tired at the end of it.

I have stories confirmed to appear in FableCroft’s Cranky Ladies of History and Lethe Press’s Daughters of Frankenstein in the first half of 2015. Blogwise, I’ve signed up for a third year of the Australian Women Writers Challenge, intending to read and review at least twelve books by female Australian writers in a range of genres. Reviews will now be un-numbered, as keeping track has become too unwieldy. January will see me kick off the Sharazad Project plus a series of monthly posts about fairy tale adaptations called Disney Reflections. I’ll also be collating a master page for Fairy Tale Tuesdays, so if you’re looking for a specific post from the back catalogue, have hope!

And I have a new blog header. You may have noticed. Leaves: my favourite form of interior decoration.

Into the woods now, people, there’s witches to write.



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