An Update from Under the Ever Tree

December is upon us! ‘Tis the season of sun, sweat, storms and lying on my back under a Christmas tree searching for an empty branch to hang that not-even-close-to-last bauble. Here at the Dreamline, it is a time for festivities and finales. My very last Fairy Tale Tuesday will go up on the 16th and in the same week, a sequel to last year’s free short story. If you want to catch up before the next episode of Chandler & Musgrave is posted, you can read ‘A City of Leaves’ here: (I would have included a proper link if I could, but for reasons known only to WordPress this is currently impossible). I’ll be taking a break over the week of Christmas, but shall return on New Year’s Eve with my year’s Top Ten Reads.

To everyone who follows Beyond the Dreamline, thank you for sharing another twelve months of blogging with me! Whatever this time of year means to you, I hope that you find it happy and peaceful, and 2015 surprises you in all the most wonderful ways.


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