Review No.234 – Throne of Jade

Throne of Jade (Temeraire No.2) – Naomi Novak

HarperVoyager, 2007

Originally published in 2006

As Napoleon’s forces overrun Europe, England cannot spare a single dragon from its Aerial Corps, but with the discovery that Captain Laurence’s dragon Temeraire is a Celestial – China’s most valued breed – the ire of a different empire has been roused. To avoid a war on two fronts, the government is more than willing to hand over Temeraire, but Temeraire himself will not go anywhere without Laurence. Entangled in a ruthless political game and beset on all sides, Laurence may need to choose between duty and loyalty – but what will Temeraire decide?

This is the sequel to Novak’s superb first novel Temeraire, which I reviewed last year, and is equally enjoyable. Not only is the characterisation excellent – even the most alienating characters are given depth – Novak explores a wide spectrum of issues with a mixture of quiet compassion and sharp awareness. I also love the way she writes battles. Claws and teeth and wings, oh my! The series continues with Black Powder War.

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