Review No.231 – Kingdom of the Gods

Kingdom of the Gods (The Inheritance Trilogy No.3) – N.K. Jemisin

Orbit, 2012

First published in 2011

Consider this a housekeeping post-it: I have been misnumbering my reviews since JULY and while this really frustrates me, I can’t be bothered going back to fix them up. Perhaps it is a sign I should stop numbering them at all. In the meantime – this is definitely No.231! On with the review!

Three children meet in the dust and dark beneath the palace of Sky. One is Sieh the Trickster, once a godling slave to the Arameri family and now bitterly bewildered by the disappointments of freedom. Shahar and Dekarta are the descendants of his tormentors. An idle game turns into an unlikely friendship, but where love and power meet there is the worst kind of danger. The world is changing. Chaos may yet swallow them all.

To really understand this book, you have to read the first two in the series – and I’d also suggest avoiding any blurbs, as the one included at the end of The Broken Kingdoms made me expect a completely different protagonist. The narrative voice of this story is Sieh, a decided departure from Yeine and Oree in any number of ways. Sieh is much more raw, ungainly and guilt-ridden and making inadvisable decisions at every turn. He’s just so frustrating. Familiar characters look different and often less likeable through his eyes (though Yeine and Lil are brilliant from every angle). This book feels heavier than the previous two, more volatile, as I’m sure Jemisin intended it to be. The world-building is spectacular as ever, the language nuanced and beautiful. It is a fitting end to a remarkable trilogy.

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