Review No.120 – The Quick and the Thread

The Quick and the Thread (An Embroidery Mystery No.1) – Amanda Lee

Wheeler Chivers, 2011

Originally published in 2010

Moving to the beachside town of Tallulah Falls to set up an embroidery shop next door to her best friend was supposed to be the beginning of a dream life for Marcy Singer. Instead, the former owner of her shop shows up inconveniently dead in her storeroom and she’s suddenly at the centre of a police investigation. All she wants is some peace and quiet to get on with her cross-stitch. If solving a murder herself is what it takes, well, there is a cryptic message etched into her storeroom wall…

I really needed a light book just now and The Quick and the Thread is exactly that. An American cosy mystery that is often more interested in embroidery than crime fighting, it takes a folksy, simplistic approach that grated on me a bit and I can’t say I really invested in any of the characters, but it’s a good-natured, undemanding read that doesn’t take itself very seriously. The series continues with Stitch Me Deadly.


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