An Update of Bayonets and Beanstalks

The temperature has dropped below 20C°, WINTER IS OFFICIAL. I’m wearing long sleeves and everything! If you don’t understand why this is exciting, you either don’t live in Queensland or spend too much time in air conditioning.

This is birthday weather and as an early celebration my fabulous sister took me to see The Magic Hour, a one-woman fairy tale-themed play by Vanessa Bates. You can probably guess why this is my thing? These were dark, intrinsically urban retellings, all seen from the perspective of a usually peripheral character and acted spectacularly by Ursula Yovich. I mean, she made a giant beanstalk something desperately sad. Fairy tales are chameleonic, they can be retold in so many ways and retain their essential core, but these versions were brilliantly done. My not-quite-birthday also included lion statues, art deco chandeliers and the Brisbane version of Honeydukes, all of which are excellent commemorations.

surprise cupcakeAnother date of significance coming up: as of this Friday I will have been blogging for two years, which may not sound very impressive, but means a lot to me! Have a visual cupcake.

In writerly news! Ticonderoga’s Kisses by Clockwork launched on the 8th and can now be pre-ordered from Book Depository and Amazon, or you could go in the running for a copy through this Goodreads giveaway. This anthology is home to my steampunk romance ‘Descension’, featuring a collapsing empire and a very unimpressed woman with a bayonet. Another of my short stories, ‘Signature’ – in which there are bad decisions and a bookshop – can be found in Twelfth Planet Press’s Kaleidoscope, which is slated for release in early August. More news on that soon!


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