An Update from the Storyteller’s Tower

May is the month of much Mudgeness! In honour of my Ditmar Awards nomination for Best New Talent (squee!) FableCroft Publishing is offering two of my short stories to read for free on their website – ‘Winter’s Heart’ and ‘Oracle’s Tower’. There are a range of FableCroft works up for Ditmar contention too, plus Tehani Wessely’s excellent shared blog project ‘Reviewing New Who‘.

Also: my stories will be appearing in two more forthcoming anthologies! Fairy tale retelling ‘Twelfth’ will appear in FableCroft’s Insert Title Here, while urban fantasy story ‘Signature’ is in Twelfth Planet Press’s Kaleidoscope. Both are scheduled for released in August of this year. Added to Ticonderoga’s Kisses by Clockwork, which will feature my story ‘Descension’ and is expected to come out around the same time, that part of 2014 is looking decidedly literary!


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