Review No.152 – The Falconer

The Falconer – Elizabeth May

Gollancz, 2013

The year is 1844. In the modern age of ornithopters and locomotives, most people believe that faeries belong in children’s bedside stories, but Lady Aileana Kameron knows better. By day, she is an heiress encircled by mystery and scandal; by night, she hunts monsters. She is tracking the faery who murdered her mother, and there is no shortage of fresh targets to practice on. For centuries Scotland has been free of the most dangerous fae, but suddenly they are beginning to return. And Aileana has their full attention.

I love Aileana’s explosive attitude and the way she reconciles her frustrations and pragmatism. Even better, the narrative doesn’t punish her for that unapologetic ferocity, and her love interests don’t either! That really needs to happen more often. In fact, the romantic angle of this story is very nicely written, understated yet intense. The ending of the book is very abrupt, but promises a dramatic sequel. That is slated for release next year.


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