Review No.146 – The Secret Keeper

The Secret Keeper – Kate Morton

Allen&Unwin, 2012

One sleepy summer day in the early 1960s sixteen-year-old Laurel witnesses a stranger’s arrival outside her home, and her mother’s violent reaction. Half a century later, Laurel is still haunted by what she saw that day. With her mother’s rapidly declining health and wandering memory, long-buried secrets are finally beginning to surface, and Laurel is determined to finally understand what her mother did. As she traces the story back in time, she discovers a fateful meeting in 1940 between two women, Dorothy and Vivien. Neither would emerge the same.

This is the first of Queensland author Kate Morton’s books I have read, a big, gorgeously decorative tome from my local library. It’s a carefully woven family mystery, rich with scenic and historical detail, with cleverly constructed characters who are always intriguing even when they are not at all likeable. This is Kate Morton’s latest novel. Earlier works include The Shifting Fog, The Forgotten Garden and The Distant Hours.

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