Review No.143 – Cold Steel

Cold Steel – Kate Elliott (Spiritwalker No.3)

Orbit, 2013

The world is changing. The Wild Hunt has slaughtered the ruler of the Taino Kingdom and abducted a powerful cold mage to feed the spirit courts it serves. The exiled general Camjiata is returning to Europa to lead a revolution. At the centre of it all is Catherine Barahal, daughter of a renegade Amazon and the Master of the Wild Hunt. While the traditional balance of power breaks down into a chaos of discontent, defiance and outright rebellion, her priorities are simple: to save her husband and reunite with her cousin. All she has to do first is escape a murder trial, elude the wrath of a rogue fire mage and survive the storm of two worlds at war…

The third installment in the Spiritwalker trilogy brings Cat and Bee’s adventures to an explosive conclusion. The series has been an ambitiously original blend of steampunk, alternate history and epic fantasy, and this last book throws everything on the table. I had mixed feelings about Cat in this one – with Bee, she’s wonderful, but I felt her relationship with Andevai progressed to the detriment of her character. Of course, Bee makes everything wonderful just by being in the scene, so there’s that. This has been a solid, well-crafted and innovative series and all the threads come together for a strong ending.


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