Review No.141 – Here Be Dragons

Here Be Dragons (The Deep No.1) – Tom Taylor

Gestalt Publishing, 2011

The Nektons are a family of explorers. Their home is a state-of-the-art submarine, their version of normality teaching fish to play fetch. When stories of a sea monster emerge from Greenland, the Nektons are hot on its trail. This is the find of a lifetime! But can anyone really be ready for a creature that bites a blue whale in half?

I’d heard a little bit about Taylor’s graphic novel series before but it was this glowing review at No Award that made me borrow it from the library and I’m glad I did. Though it’s shelved in with the young fiction, Here Be Dragons is readable for any age – bright, funny and fast-paced, with a family of delightfully eccentric heroes – and James Brouwer’s art is full of personality. The series continues with The Vanishing Island.

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