Review No.136 – Untold

Untold – Sarah Rees Brennan (The Lynburn Legacy No.2)

Simon and Schuster, 2013

From the outside Sorry-in-the-Vale seems no different from any other picture postcard village in the English countryside, but Kami Glass knows better. She was once the crazy girl who never outgrew her imaginary friend; now that imaginary friend is walking the streets of Sorry-in-the-Vale while the two halves of his family battle for supremacy, and everyone in the village must choose whether to bow to their power or fight. But how can they fight what they refuse to acknowledge exists?

Sarah Rees Brennan has a gift for capturing complicated emotions and relationships, and proves it again with this sequel to Unspoken. While Kami remains the lead protagonist, all of the secondary characters evolve and gain greater depth as the stakes rise ever higher. I was not entirely satisfied with Jared’s character arc, but Kami was adorably unstoppable as ever, Ash and Holly in particular developed much more rounded personalities, and Gothic tropes got flipped around so many times they’re probably dizzy. The series continues with Unmade, due for release later this year.


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