Review No.134 – Deadline

Deadline – Mira Grant (Newsflesh No.2)

Orbit, 2011

The zombies rose twenty seven years ago, but for Shaun Mason the world ended last year when his sister Georgia died. Her voice has been talking inside his head ever since, and anyone who tries to stop him talking back will get hurt. He has only one purpose left: to find the people who ordered her murder and make them pay. His breakthrough comes in the form of a doctor legally declared dead, who arrives on his doorstep with a trail of research that could bring down one of the most powerful organisations in the world. The truth will change everything. If Shaun lives long enough to tell it…

I read my way into the new year with Deadline and let me tell you, if there’s anything that could make these books more alarming, it would be reading them in the summer of 2014, when the zombies are predicted to rise. And it didn’t matter – I couldn’t tear myself away. Deadline doesn’t have as strong a structure as Feed, and the word ‘crazy’ is definitely overused, but the momentum is relentless, the plot twists are hairpin turns and the ending left me stunned (also, desperate to get hold of book three). The trilogy concludes with Blackout.

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