An Update from the Clockwork City

Welcome to 2014! Something about the opening of new calendars and the resetting of dates leaves me brimming with boundless optimism (“write two novels in a year? No problem!” is January thinking), at least until reality and the worst of the summer heat sets in. Tomorrow temperatures are predicted to top 40°C and I live in a house without air conditioning, so I’m making the most of that bright bubbly mood while it lasts.

And what fantastic impetus I was given when Ticonderoga announced the table of contents for their new anthology Kisses by Clockwork! It’s expected to be on shelves by April and my steampunk story ‘Descension’ is going to be in it. Expect dirigibles, politics and reckless use of a bayonet! I’ll post more details about the anthology as I get them.

I have also signed up for this year’s Australian Women Writers Challenge, aiming for the Franklin level – read at least 10 books, review at least six. My first Challenge brought me an unexpected spectrum of stories and while I already have a list of authors I want to try over the next twelve months, I also plan to read more of the other reviews at the AWW Challenge blog this time around.

In the chaos of wrap-up posts and New Year’s resolutions, when Christmas decorations are still being fished out from under the furniture and plans made for ‘next year’ are suddenly happening this year, it’s time to start reading all the fabulous books I can and writing all the wonderful things I promised myself I would.

So that’s what I intend to do.


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