Review No.133 – Feed

Feed – Mira Grant

Orbit, 2010

In the year 2014, two of humanity’s greatest medical discoveries mutated into one virus so powerful even death can’t loosen its grip on a host. More than twenty years after zombies went from horror movie cliché to global reality, the survivors exist in a precarious balance between rampant paranoia and unthinkable practicality, and reporting on the creaking edifice of modern civilisation are ambitious bloggers Georgia and Shaun Mason. When they are chosen to cover the campaign of presidential candidate Senator Ryman, it seems like the best chance they’ve ever had, but there are risks even they could never imagine and a story that will taint everyone it touches. If they don’t break it fast, it might break them instead…

Mira Grant is the pseudonym of urban fantasy author Seanan McGuire and Feed is the first book in her Newsflesh trilogy. I have little fondness for zombies, or indeed horror at all, but this book kept showing up on my radar and sometimes it’s worth taking a flying leap out of your comfort zone just to see what’s happening on the other side. Feed is a fiercely intelligent, uncompromising narrative set within a brilliantly realised world with memorable characters entirely capable of breaking your heart. The series continues with Deadline.


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