An Update from the December Forest

Being still on a high from the Doctor Who 50th anniversary, I have blanketed my Tumblr in Whovian imagery to share as much timey wimey goodness as I can, and here at the Dreamline have collected a few of my favourite links from the celebrations. Tansy Rayner Roberts has been blogging once a week all year, kindly collating her posts here, and has also joined forces with Tehani Wessely and David McDonald for ‘New Who in Conversation’, discussing episodes of New Who in detail (they are currently up to ‘The Lodger‘). There’s some gorgeous and slightly spoilery art here, a detailed review of ‘The Day of the Doctor‘ at the Mary Sue and if you somehow haven’t heard about ‘The Night of the Doctor’ minisode, for pity’s sake, dash straight over here to watch it at once.

The Doctor and Amy Pond

The Doctor and Amy Pond

There are also Dalek wedding cakes. And I may have reunited Doctor Who-themed felt projects in a glittery Christmas forest for a 50th anniversary photoshoot. Posting photos is still a Herculean effort for me, so if the result looks dreadful it stays that way.


Elsewhere on the internet, people have said interesting, insightful things about Thor: The Dark World, Kathleen Jennings wrote a little, lovely steampunk adventure, and FableCroft is running a special offer on all works to Australian customers, but only until Sunday!


Sea Devil

Sea Devil

Now, a bit of housekeeping. We’re less than two weeks away from Christmas now (stay calm, everybody, just breathe) and that means I’m winding up a few things while going maniacally overboard on others. Next week’s will be my last Fairy Tale Tuesday for 2013 but beware, you will probably be flooded with reviews as I work through my backlog before the end of the year. And because it’s December, a time for nice surprises, I have a present for you all. You can open it before Christmas.





The following story was written for my friend Laura and without her it would likely still be languishing in my oubliette of unfinished projects. Now that it is polished and shiny, I would like to share it with the wonderful and very much appreciated readers of this blog.

So, come inside. The Door’s open. Welcome to Candlebridge.


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