Review No.121 – The Thief

The Thief – Megan Whalen Turner

CollinsVoyager, 2001

Gen is a thief, imprisoned at the king’s leisure after an unfortunate end to an unwise gamble. He is given a reprieve of sorts when a royal advisor commandeers his skills. Dragged along on a quest across the borders of an enemy kingdom, in search of a fable, Gen is to be the stubborn, uncooperative accomplice to the most audacious theft in centuries. But can even a thief of his self-styled reputation escape such a quest with his life?

The Thief is the first in The Queen’s Thief series. The beginning is not heavy on action, but the writing is light and witty, Gen is good company and the journey is worth following to its cunning, twisty end. My main irritation was the whitewashing on the cover of my library’s CollinsVoyager copy. The series continues with The Queen of Attolia.

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