Review No.118 – Talon

Talon – Janet Lee Carey

Faber and Faber, 2007

Rosalind is torn between the promise of a prophecy and the shame of a curse – she is the princess prophesied to bring peace and glory to her long-estranged branch of the Pendragon dynasty, yet all her life has been bound by the secret of a terrible birthmark that would see her burned as a witch were it ever to become known. As the ambitions of her mother become ever more unyielding and her future increasingly uncertain, Rosalind becomes determined to shed her curse. But the words of prophecies are never quite what they seem…

This book was something of a mystery. Neither my library’s catalogue nor Goodreads had a single summary or review of it, so my only preconception was formed from the blurb, which was very misleading and gave away half the plot. The book was written in a medieval style that was reasonably consistent, with some interesting ideas and a very complicated, intriguing character in Rosalind’s mother. It did feel very aimless though – I didn’t feel like it really got moving until two thirds of the way through – and the love story was completely unconvincing. It would have been improved by more dragons. This review will be cross-posted at Goodreads, so next time someone goes looking they’ll have an answer.

UPDATE: Well, that’s peculiar – last time I checked there were no reviews, now there are a few hundred odd. Either the universe is messing with me or there was something very wrong with my access to Goodreads at the time. I’m posting the review anyway and hope it is not similarly devoured.

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