Review No.104 – The Queen is Dead

The Queen is Dead – Kate Locke

Orbit, 2012

Xandra Vardan used to think she was normal – just a half human, half vampire fighter dedicated to protecting her undead queen, which is about as normal as it gets in her world. Now she knows that pretty much everything she was ever told about herself is a lie. She has goblins demanding a coronation, her werewolf boyfriend’s pack pushing for a formal alliance, vampires trying to convict her for murder, and humans freaking out over the fact she exists at all. Not to mention that unusual halvies like her have been disappearing and her brother Val has vanished while investigating it. This is Xandra’s new normal and she is so not amused.

This the second Immortal Empire novel and doesn’t quite live up to the promise of the first, God Save the Queen. The plot has less punch, a slower pace and a less distinct storyline. The writing is also clunky and rather repetitive. Xandra has lost some of her confidence and built up the inevitable heroine’s guilt complex, which disappointed me, but she was still fun company and there are some interesting follow-ups to the reveals of book one. The third book of the series, Long Live the Queen, is due for release in November.

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