Review No.103 – Moon Called

Moon Called – Patricia Briggs

Ace Books, 2006

Life for beings of the supernatural has been a lot more complicated since the fae came out of the closet, and Mercy Thompson’s own particular gifts put her in a more difficult position than most. She can’t afford trouble. But when a homeless young werewolf shows up in her mechanic shop, she can’t ignore him either. Someone is experimenting on creatures they shouldn’t even know exist, putting everyone in danger, and Mercy soon realises that either she risks becoming collateral or starts making trouble of her own.

The cover of this book is ridiculous, not to mention inaccurate, but I had already been warned that it didn’t reflect the actual story at all (thereby completely failing the whole point of book covers) and so went in with as few preconceptions as possible. Mercy is a more competent (and professionally dressed) protagonist than you might otherwise believe, who puts her romantic options – of which there are several – firmly behind her continued health and survival, which is nice. Briggs’ werewolves are misogynistic, instinct-driven types and I didn’t really like any of them, but Mercy’s method of handling them was sensible and consistent, if not always satisfying. For me this was a quick, enjoyable read. The Mercy Thompson series continues with Blood Bound.


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