Review No.102 – Castle Waiting

Castle Waiting Volume 1: The Lucky Road – Linda Medley

Olio Press, 2002

When Lady Jain is forced to escape her not-so-happily-ever after, she turns to an old map of her father’s that shows the way to the Castle Waiting – a legendary sanctuary where no one is turned away. Just getting there, travelling pregnant and alone through unfamiliar country, will be hard enough. But what exactly is waiting for her at the castle, and who – or what – else has taken refuge there?

My local library placed this graphic novel with the junior fiction, but I think it’s suited better to a YA onwards audience. It draws on a range of gently tweaked fairy tales to shape a story of friendship and independence, with delightfully quirky characters. There were a few moments that jarred me, in particular a rather inappropriate romantic interest for one of the secondary characters towards the end, but overall I was charmed.


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