Review No.97 – Wonders of the Invisible World

Wonders of the Invisible World – Patricia A. McKillip

Tachyon, 2012

A woman whose anger calls down storms. A wizard returning a stolen treasure before it destroys him. A girl so obsessed with magic that she reaches into the dreams of a city. This anthology ranges from the far future to the distant past, from forests to cityscapes to places that are entirely elsewhere. All are wreathed in ethereal fantasy that makes even the stolidly familiar seem strange, extraordinary and unexpected.

This collection of sixteen previously published short stories spans almost thirty years of McKillip’s career, closing with her 2004 speech on fantasy and inspiration. Given that McKillip is an author I personally sort of worship, it was a particular delight to get my hands on this, her latest publication. It is every bit as magical as I could have hoped, with some stories familiar and others brand new to me. I can only agree with Charles de Lint when he says in his introduction to the anthology that, ‘she’s one of the few writers I’ve read who hasn’t witten a bad book. I don’t think she has it in her.’


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