Review No.96 – Days of Blood and Starlight

Days of Blood and Starlight – Laini Taylor

Hodder & Stoughton, 2012

Once Madrigal dreamed. Of a world that was not torn apart by the endless war between the seraphim and the chimaera, a world where she could love as she chose, even if the man who had her heart also had the shape of the enemy. But those dreams died with her first body and now, reborn as the human Karou, her priority is survival. She is the new resurrectionist, the only hope her people have left. That does not mean they trust her, or she trusts them. Forced to ally with her own executioner, making dark magic to change the tide of a war the angels believe they have already won, the last thing she wants is to see Akiva again. He, however, is fighting his own battle to keep their old dream alive – even if it means risking his own death.

The sequel to Laini Taylor’s gorgeous novel Daughter of Smoke and Bone, this is heartbreaking and brilliant. The writing is every bit as excellent and original as it was in the first book, finding beauty and humour in the darkest of situations. It is all bittersweetness, but irresistible too. The concluding volume of the trilogy, Dreams of Gods and Monsters, is due for release in April next year.


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