Review No.86 – God Save the Queen

God Save the Queen – Kate Locke

Orbit, 2012

The year is 2012 and Queen Victoria is celebrating her 175th year as head of the British Empire. In a world where the aristocracy is made up of vampires and werewolves, living in a state of wary truce with the human population, half-blood Xandra Vardan’s role as a member of the Royal Guard has given her instinct for scenting trouble. When her sister disappears, she knows there’s something wrong with the answers she’s being given – but if she wants to know what really happened to Dede, she will have to question everything she has ever been told about the Empire, and about herself. Xandra is scared, and she’s angry, and whoever gets in her way had better be ready to run for their life…

God Save the Queen is a snarky, punchy adventure with an interesting take on the usual vampires-and-werewolves set up and a heroine who packs one hell of a personality. The world of the Immortal Empire is nicely complicated and a good backdrop for a story that kept producing surprises. Locke’s writing style was a bit jolting, but the pace of the story brought it over the rough patches. The Immortal Empire series continues with The Queen is Dead.


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