An Update from Autumn Australis

In my particular corner of Queensland, autumn isn’t so much a season as a mythical beast. People insist it exists, but the only trace that can be found of its passing is a scatter of dead leaves from easily impressed maples. Today it’s a definitively wintry 18°C (this is Queensland! That is freezing!) and I have ventured out from my fortress of doorstopper books to do a quick catch up. I think I mentioned a while back that my short story ‘Oracle’s Tower’ was nominated for a Ditmar award. I didn’t win, but Kathleen Jennings – the Brisbane artist who illustrated To Spin a Darker Stair – won two, Best Cover Art (for a different anthology) and Best Fan Artist. Congratulations Kathleen! If you haven’t seen her fan art project ‘The Dalek Game’ yet, look here right now.

In other writerly news, my author copies of Dreaming of Djinn arrived on Monday. One is now ensconced on my shelf, where it’s making friends with One Small Step. I’m actually not sure what Shaya from ‘The Oblivion Box’ would make of Meriel from ‘Winter’s Heart’ – I suspect there would be a personality clash – but the books look so pretty together that I couldn’t resist a glamour shot.

100_3305  100_3311


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