Review No.82 – 2312

2312 – Kim Stanley Robinson

Orbit, 2012

The year is 2312. Humanity has spread out across the solar system, a frontier of rapid evolution that has left the damaged, divided Earth far behind. Swan Er Hong, the epitomy of the wandering spacer, has followed the lure of the technological horizon further than most, but a sequence of events are about to take place that will force her to ask the question: at what price?

2312 drew me in with a bold and intriguing blurb that does not, in fact, match up very well to the actual book. The world-building is amazing, backed up by intricate detail, but that comes at the detriment of the story itself – too much time is invested in making the story scientifically plausible and not enough in making it work as a narrative. The result is a laboriously slow plot overpowered by huge concepts.


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