Review No.81 – Black Glass

Black Glass – Meg Mundell

Scribe, 2011

Sisters Grace and Tally have been planning their escape for a long time. Forced into constant motion by the unreliability of their father, they dream of different lives, of glamour and success in the distant city. But then disaster strikes and they are left to make their separate ways there. With an atmosphere of growing paranoia and the implementation of draconian security measures, the undocumented and adrift are more vulnerable than ever, and starting a new life demands a high price.

Black Glass turns a detailed eye on the margins of what could almost be present-day Australia, with subtle adjustments that foretell a disturbingly believable future. The science fiction elements are very understated, making this not so much a dystopia as the book that shows us in confronting detail how easily the dystopias come about. There’s an aching vulnerability to both sisters that gives the story focus and highlights the realities of a not so brave new world. This is Melbourne-based Mundell’s first novel.

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