Review No.73 – When We Wake

When We Wake – Karen Healey

Allen & Unwin, 2013

Tegan Oglietti can’t remember dying. She can’t remember the sniper or the pain. All she knows is that the next time she opened her eyes, she was in the future, the first person to be cryogenically frozen and then successfully revived, and an instant media sensation. Everyone she knew, everyone she loved, is long dead – now she has to rebuild her life from the ground upward. But something is wrong with what she’s seeing. There are too many lies, secrets hidden in plain sight, and she has to do something about it. Even if it means putting everything in her second life at risk.

This dystopian retelling of ‘Sleeping Beauty’ is one I’ve been curious about since I came across Karen Healey’s blog last year through her posts on different versions of the fairy tale. A punchy adventure with a fierce conscience and a distinctively original heroine, it holds a critical eye to an all too believable future. It’s particularly interesting for me as an Australian to read science fiction set in my own country, though I really hope not all Healey’s projections come true! The story continues with the as yet unpublished sequel While We Run.

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