Review No.71 – Pegasus and the Flame

Pegasus and the Flame – Kate O’Hearn

Hodder Children’s Books, 2011

Thirteen-year-old Emily Jacobs knows the story of Pegasus, but gets the shock of her life when the flesh and blood legend crashes into her roof during a violent storm. Nor is he the only marvel loose on the streets of New York City. A war has been raging on Olympus, a war the gods are losing, and the battle has followed Pegasus down to the Earth. With monstrous warriors climbing out of the sewers and a secret government organisation demanding answers, it is up to Emily to get Pegasus to safety. Only Pegasus has a plan of his own…

O’Hearn’s ideas are interesting, but her depiction of the Olympians as self-sacrificing, animal-loving people isn’t very compatible with the original myths and her characters just didn’t convince me. The writing was stilted and a bit repetitive, though there was some fun sly humour – the angry secret agents, for instance, who wanted aliens instead of gods. This is a book that feels firmly aimed at early teens or younger. It continues with Pegasus and the Fight for Olympus.


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