An Update from the February Optimist

Brace yourselves for author talk. As I may have mentioned before, I have two short stories set for release in April. In ‘The Oblivion Box’ an imprisoned musician from the Third Millenium Sultanate uses stories to escape the inescapable; in ‘Winter’s Heart’ a young mother must seek out a lost treasure before it sees her lose everything else she has. The anthologies each story appears in (Dreaming of Djinn and One Small Step respectively) are now available for preorder. The cover art can also be seen on Ticonderoga and FableCroft’s websites. I myself cannot wait until all that prettiness is in my hands, and more importantly, ON MY BOOKSHELF.

April is looking unnervingly imminent from where I stand. Like 90% of the population on the planet, I had high hopes that I would have Achieved Great Things by this point in the year – I had a list, actually. The only resolutions I can tick off so far are the writing of several blog posts and the reading of a great many books. It’s hard to be as optimistic at the end of February as I was at the beginning of January, but I intend to finish writing a particular book by mid-March. I also hope my computer may have stopped having nervous breakdowns by then, though I’m not counting on it.

With apologies for its lateness, I will now share with you a folk tale treasure. It is Russian, from a book I own but only recently rediscovered, and it might just have claimed top spot on my mental shortlist of favourite fairy tales ever. You won’t have to guess why.


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