Review No.63 – Lament

Lament – Maggie Stiefvater

Scholastic, 2008

Dee Monaghan is a sixteen year old musical prodigy who is regularly pushed out of her shell by her perfectionist mother to perform as wedding receptions and musical festivals. But then the boy of her – quite literal – dreams steps into her life, turning her performance into magic by joining her with his flute, and Dee’s quiet introverted life is turned upside down. Her thoughts wrapped up with the beautiful and mysterious Luke Dillon, she barely notices the trail of clover that has begun to follow her around, or the strangers who suddenly appear fascinated by her. It is only when her grandmother meets Luke with steely recognition that Dee starts looking for answers. Who and what is the boy she has begun to fall in love with, and what is it he really wants from her?

After reading Stiefvater’s latest novel The Scorpio Races last year I was eager to try this earlier book about faerie music and assassins. There is a curious incompletion to the story, though, as if it is missing a crucial final chapter, and Stiefvater’s attempt to draw a parallel between the lives of sheltered, comfortable Dee and the tortured Luke only serves to make both characters less believable – their romance just didn’t convince me. The story continues in sequel Ballad.



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