Review No.62 – The Girl Who Chased the Moon

The Girl Who Chased the Moon – Sarah Addison Allen

Bantam Books, 2010

The small town of Mullaby is slow to change, slower still to reveal its secrets, but when Emily Benedict arrives in town shortly after the death of her mother Dulcie to live with the grandfather she has never met, she finds a place out of some strange Southern fairy tale, where a quiet giant broods in his empty house, a restless baker sends out an unspoken call with each cake she makes, and ghostly lights dance in the woods. Emily’s mother has not been forgotten here, and even in death, she is not forgiven. But what did she do, and why are the people of Mullaby so afraid Emily will do it all over again?

There is a gentle charm to Sarah Addison Allen’s style of writing, which is matter of fact but still with a whimsical softness. I like the way she weaves small magics into the day to day lives of her characters, to be lived with the same way they live with other loves and regrets. The resolution did not quite satisfy me, but the fantasy is fresh and makes for a light, enjoyable read.


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