An Update From Under The Mountain

Last week was when I finally saw The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. And…well, maybe I shouldn’t have read this first. Because I’m pretty sure I wasn’t meant to be laughing that much. Then again, if they wanted me to take it seriously, maybe they should have rethought the rabbit sleigh? Looking at the dwarves’ faces, you could tell they were thinking, “Okay, and we thought we had it bad with you, Gandalf. Where was the turning when we stepped into Bambi III: Thumper Saves the Day?”

Then again, I was always going to be touchy about this film. The Hobbit is one of the cornerstone reads of my growing up and is therefore sacred, and any narrative tampering was bound to trigger cross vibes. Which it did. But I came out of the cinema wanting to watch it again, I haven’t been able to get ‘The Song of the Lonely Mountain’ out of my head ever since, and I want the next movie to start straight away.

So, yes. I liked it.

(Also – if you are wondering what you would do if thirteen dwarves and a wizard turned up at your house one evening for an impromptu pre-quest party, one website has a solution – offer them tea. This tea. And if the TARDIS should arrive on an already overcrowded doorstep, that’s covered too. I don’t even drink tea, but this sort of makes me wish I did.)

Another highlight of the week was spending an afternoon trying out the board game ‘Discworld: Ankh Morpork’, which is a bit like a mix of Monopoly and Cluedo, only completely different. With spontaneous demons. I lost – twice – but hello, I GOT THE SUSAN CARD. So in a fangirl sense, I definitely won.


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