Why December is the Month of Good Things

Yesterday Ticonderoga Publications posted its list of contributors for the new anthology, Dreaming of Djinn – a collection reinterpreting the traditional imagery of the Arabian Nights – and on it is my short story ‘The Oblivion Box’! The anthology is being put together by Liz Grzyb and is slated for release in April next year, but it’s possible to pre-order now. Did I mention at any point that I love fairy tales? The Arabian Nights have princesses, so they absolutely count. This was the best excuse I could ever have to go crazy with genetically engineered eagles and underwater prisons. I’m looking forward to getting a copy myself and seeing what everyone else has done. You can check out the rest of the contributors (and their very excellent story titles) at the Ticonderoga website.

In other good news, Queensland artist Kathleen Jennings is back from America – where she had a nomination for a World Fantasy Award – and she’s drawing the Dalek Game again. If you don’t know what this is, you really need to take a look. It’s impossible to pick a favourite, but I do love the hat in ‘My Fair Dalek’. While you’re looking at beautiful bookish things, you should also check out this site I found. It makes me want to travel the world stealing entire buildings.

And it’s Christmas, people. Or if not actually technically Christmas yet, it is at least December, which means I can indulge my nostalgic streak to the hilt and fill the house with things that glitter and sparkle. Who cares if it’s thirty five degrees Celsius in the house and my back is pointing out that I’ve spent the morning shifting double my own weight in cardboard boxes? What counts is that the baubles are up and the Yuletide Library is out. The festive spirit will be overflowing onto this blog any time now. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.



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