A Trail of Breadcrumbs

I am, as regular readers of this blog may have noticed, a little into fairy tales. But I am not the only one! Even if you have only the most passing of interests in the world of the brothers Grimm, you have to check out the Australian ABC’s extraordinary project Re-enchantment. It’s pure magic. If you’ve been enjoying my Fairy Tale Tuesdays, you should also take a look at Karen Healey’s fascinating exploration of the Sleeping Beauty legend. I’m very glad that I never read the Basile version…

In Doctor Who news, we’re on a countdown now, because next year is the 50th anniversary of its television debut! Would it be too camp to say woo-who? It looks set to be a big year for the series, with hope for cameos from many favourites from the classic era pre-Eccleston (for those unfamiliar with the series, that means before its reboot in 2005 with Christopher Eccleston in the lead role. Also, you should start watching Doctor Who.) Tansy Rayner Roberts will be blogging about one episode from one season of the series each week in the lead-up to the anniversary on the 23rd of November next year, starting this week with the first ever episode, ‘An Unearthly Child’. You can read her post here.

In a second countdown, the first part of Peter Jackson’s film adaptation of The Hobbit is due to be released this December, and it’s getting people in a bit of a spin. From a giant replica of Gollum in a New Zealand airport, plus bonus fish (to stop him eating the people…?), to a man building a hobbit hole out of balloons, it’s an occasion to be celebrated. Yay for fandom!

Lastly, if you are a writer and you are feeling bad about yourself, read this post by Holly Black. She is a writer so good she makes my teeth ache with envy, yet even she has days when the word count gets stuck. In the depths of literary neurosis, which strikes us all from time to time, it’s good to remember that.

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